Build A Line Challenge from B’sue Boutiques, Teresa Schurter of TreeZ’S. Treazurs, Part One- A Leap in Faith


Left: Searching for that perfect piece of vine on the porch. Right: Working with lace and vines at the workbench.
Left: Searching for that perfect piece of vine on the porch.
Right: Working with lace and vines at the workbench.

WOW –   Here it is folks.  One Giant leap for woman-kind!   Well this woman anyhow.   I – Teresa Schurter – resident designer at TreeZS. Treazurs – am announcing to the world (anyone reading this blog and my facebook posts) that I am a part of the B’Sue Boutique’s Build-A-Line Challenge.  With the help of my family & strength from the Lord I’m leaping into designing a new line of jewelry.  You are now seeing my first step and sharing in my small part in the Build-A-Line Challenge.  What challenge is that you’re asking?

Left: Components from B'Sue. Center: Resin paper and grape leaves. Left: washed brass - not from B'Sue
Left: Components from B’Sue.
Center: Resin paper and grape leaves.
Right: Other brass parts.

It is a master class, where Brenda Sue Lansdowne and her design team at B’Sue Boutique will be taking dozens of eager jewelry designers on a three month journey through the process of designing, making and promoting our own line of assemblage jewelry and accessories.  Brenda Sue has challenged us to develop a collection that shows a cohesive style recognizable as our own.  My hope is that I can expresses the sentiments of a woman with something to say about her walk in life, a Joyful walk of Faith, that will help her blossom and shine as a woman with something to say.

Chocolate & Grape Vine Color Inspiration. Yummy! the chocolate vines actually smell like chocolate - I will be making these in polymer clay.
Chocolate & Grape Vine Color Inspiration. Yummy! the chocolate vines actually smell like chocolate – I will be making these in polymer clay.

As we journey through this challenge,  we will each share our progress with you, in a special series of blog hops every month.  That’s when we will slowly reveal our individual pieces.  On the third, and final blog, you will see the entire collection- five specially made pieces- designed just for this challenge.  Each participant has a unique theme, so don’t miss a single one.

The theme is what sets us apart, and gives voice to our inner thoughts and inspirations.  I’ve always been a story-teller in my life and art. When I became a woman of faith as well, the need to express my joy in life and His Word just grew.  I want to draw people to that joy.  I want to quietly shout that there is great joy in being a woman of faith. I want to

A Small selection of the beads I will be using
A Small selection of the beads I will be using

tell stories in tiny little pictures you can wear, instead of on a big clunky t-shirt, that will make you and your audience think, “I know that verse.” or “I’ve heard that song.”  Each piece I craft will make you take a second look, to see if you can “guess my line” or “name that tune”  and find all the hidden secrets designed to make you smile inside and out.

My first pieces for this theme come from two of my favorite portions of scripture. My role as as that of a branch, abiding in the vine so my joy is complete. I’ll be executing this with some really great grape-vine themed brass from B’Sue Boutiques.  I’m adding some awesome Czech glass beads in rich jewel tones and a polymer “opal,” like some of those used by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  The second is a riot of color based on the “Fruit of the Spirit.” This will have colored brass flowers, flourishes, stems & leaves (from guess who) and glass Czech fruit & flowers as well.

These early Art Nouveau pieces by Tiffany are some of my favorites and I hope to imitate them.
These early Art Nouveau pieces by Tiffany are some of my favorites and I hope to imitate them.

Most of my working life- pre-marriage, I was a professional seamstress. Art was a passion I had to sideline, & for years all the “making” I had time to do was designing dresses for my little girls & collecting what I hoped to work on some day.  I planned on sewing professionally again, for children this time, and only dabble in beading.  However, I was too busy lately designing & sewing LARP costumes & making wigs for those costumes, so I made only a few strung projects for my girls.

I don’t remember when, I became fascinated with jewelry.  I never actually tried to make any until recently, but I always loved costume jewelry.  I started buying a few beads to decorate this or that outfit, and the obsession just kind of grew.  I was only stringing, not doing any “real” beadwork, but I was hooked.  I “thought” I only wanted to add custom jewelry to go with the clothing I made.  At about the same time, I started hearing about polymer clay too.  I’d been making drawings and planning paintings and “collages” for years,

Top Left: Amethyst with copper - first stringing project. Top Right: Leopard spot jasper with rhodonite second stringing project - assembled the butterflies on the stones. Center: Copper wire crocheted hair piece with hammered skewer - my first wire and bead piece. Bottom Left: Purse Front - fused, felted & embroidered - unfotunatly I lost the chain mail wire strap so I will be making a new one
Top Left: Amethyst with copper – first stringing project.
Top Right: Leopard spot jasper with rhodonite second stringing project – assembled the butterflies on the stones.
Center: Copper wire crocheted hair piece with hammered skewer – my first wire and bead piece.
Bottom Left: Purse Front – fused, felted & embroidered – unfotunatly I lost the chain mail wire strap so I will be making a new one

when I heard of this thing called “steampunk.”  “That’s what I’ve been doing!” I thought. So, I started buying old brass. Piles of it.  Then one day in November, after breaking my leg, I was sitting in bed watching youtube videos when I came across B’Sue Boutiques channel.  B’Sue Lansdowne taught me how to combine it all!  Physically full scale sewing wasn’t going to work anymore, but she has shown me something I’m learning to love even more!  This challenge to Build-A-Line has motivated me to grow and learn as an artist at a time when I thought I’d have to give it all up.


The girls and I thank you for looking in.
The girls and I thank you for looking in.

Below you’ll find the rest of the designers joining us in this challenge. Please visit as many of the blogs written by the other participating members in the B’Sue Build-A-Line Challenge as you can.  These are written by gifted designers who are taking part in this Build-A-Line Challenge.  They all have unique and beautiful pieces to share with you, just click on the name and you’ll get there!

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New Treasures of an “Old” Artist in a world of technology.

Roger, Marie and Teresa at Graduation party
Roger, Marie and Myself at her graduation party in December! Congrats girlie!

Here I am. Twice born Teresa Schurter — wanna-be artist & designer, wife of 31 years, mother of six, a gimpy, home-bound, techno-phobe, and I’m writing a blog on the internet. I’d rather be painting and talking to myself, it’s a lot less scary, I tell you no lie.

If I hadn’t been challenged to do this, it would never have happened.  It’s not that I can’t write down my thoughts.  I do it all the time.  Then I promptly loose the notebooks.  I’ve even dreamed of publishing them at some distantly future date or time, when I find them.

No, It’s not the writing, or coming up with something to say- some days my thoughts just spew out like a broken pipeline.

Applique Quilt
My Sisters prize-winning applique work.

Creativity isn’t even that scary, although I do believe, as I’ve heard it said by Donna on one of B’Sue Boutique’s YouTube videos that “creativity takes courage”.  I grew up surrounded by creative people, my grandmother’s were very creative, and my twin sister is a gifted appliqué quilter.

Hobbit Costumes
The tall blondes are ours, Josiah & Titus. Thranduil, Celeborn, & Elrond are my handiwork, including the wigs! What fun, glad to be done! Elrond is Josiah Atherton a close family friend. Thorin is a cosplay friend of the boys Alyssa Hamiton.

I’m even fairly creative. I’m a moderate whiz at sewing. I look at costumes in the movies and can duplicate most of them.  Give me some paint or wire and polymer clay and watch out!  As for writing, I even think that some of what I’m writing may be worth reading.  But – actually putting thoughts out there for God and everyone to see!  Well, this is taking courage folks, a courage I don’t think I have in and of myself.  In fact, if it weren’t for my husband Roger, my absolute rock, I’d have given up two hours ago and started selling all of my art supplies and this computer!

Thranduil and ThorinAt that moment in time this task became absolutely impossible for me to accomplish. I was defeated, in tears, and panicking because “I couldn’t Do it?!” SO NOW “What was I going to do?!”

Roger, as always, calmed me down & after some scattered prayer thoughts (I was too upset to really pray for help.)  I remembered something vital – I fully believe that I can do anything, within reason, because “I can do all things through Him….”.

Old Mill Oil Painting
This is my oil painting instigated and inspired by Roger who encourages me to try.

Now, usually, that means I take on tasks that aren’t reasonable “under the circumstances,” or “in this situation.”  Facing reality isn’t my strong point, I’m very determined to overcome “MY” reality.  Sometimes I “blame” that attitude on the verse , but maybe blame is the wrong word (At times it is just delusional behavior.).  When I’m doing something really stupid I know I’m kind of taking that real encouragement out of context.  Today, it’s just what I need.

I think that the intention of that verse is that we can withstand anything that comes our way.  We can face trials, deal with disappointments, face difficult situations, carry on in adversity and accomplish tasks that seem beyond our abilities.  In short, I can face the challenges of life with the strength that comes from the Lord.  I CAN do that, YOU can do that, it just takes a very little bit of faith.

What I can’t do today, what I desperately need help with,…   I just can’t face my computers.  In my heart I know– “Technology” is wicked, plain and simple. Why? Because  “I Can’t Do It!” – “I Don’t Get It,” and “It Just Does Not Work for ME!”  So it must be in the realm of “The Evil One.”  On top of that, when I need it the most, technological marvels, in the guise of my new great computer, let me down, badly.

This blog is my case in point.  Well, actually, THE POINT starts with my new computer;  the “Better than It was Before, Stronger, Faster…”  The one that wouldn’t give me my email anymore.  Soooo, I asked my darling Roger to make the problem “go away” so that I didn’t have to “deal with stuff that didn’t make sense and was slowing everything down.”

I really needed to get some work done, I wanted to start this blog and get to work on my designs and construction. Since I am kind of OCD about a lot of stuff & he is so supporting of all that I try to do,  he did a few things that would switch the system back over to my “old way” and hide that new stuff that I was upset about.  Now, it’s all hidden!

NO cheering please.  The badies are gone, pouff, you can’t see them… And so are almost all my notes, my documents, downloads, plans, ideas, messages and basically all the work I’ve done for the last two months. For some odd reason, known only to the gremlins in the computer, all of my “stuff” from November until Jan. 5th is hiding.  Roger (a Component Test Engineer) & our newly minted Information System’s Manager, my oldest daughter Marie (December Graduate Cum Laude with a BA in Management & Information Systems Management), have spent almost a dozen hours together now restoring the inner workings of my mind that I entrusted to the beast.

They assure me it’s all there, we just can’t see it.  Kind of like the 45 mph winds we’re having today.  It’s there, but I can’t see it.  However, the effects are pretty debilitating.  Sub-Zero wind chill factors –all my brain waves are frozen-, branches and debris blowing around –a bazillion thoughts of what I should do-, roads closed because cars are blowing off the road –my momentum has been derailed-, and all the other nastiness of a bitterly cold winter wind-storm on the prairie –or the otherwise dark days of no computer data-.  You can’t see what’s causing the damage, but the effects are felt deep down in your bones.

For hours I stared at this thing in tears.  I couldn’t think of one solitary word to write. I couldn’t remember anything I’d typed up and saved. I got out my sketch pad and couldn’t draw a line.  When I finally got up the courage and opened a document to get started the exception to my brain fog was what many think is that overly used verse– “I CAN do ALL things,” and also another one of my life verses, ending in “What can Mere Man do to Me?”  Obviously it was a mathematical man who started the technological world!

So, I wonder, can a technologically illiterate, OCD type artist who also struggles with physical disabilities, write and maintain a blog.  My family and my mentors say yes.  Can I come up with designs that are “me” and have marketable value.  Roger says yes, my kids and family do too, and so do many others who have blessed my life.  That should be enough encouragement for anyone.  Most artists have to struggle to find one blessing of encouragement.

Anna at the show!
Anna at the Sunflower Cluster dog show with her trainees and friends!

I hope and pray that you can see the “Trezur” I gained today.  It’s an old pearl.   I think it’s a renewal of the knowledge that I already had. Don’t panic about yesterday’s mistakes and losses.  The strength is there where we are the weakest, so go ahead,

I mean YOU go forward –>  –>  –> .

No,  I still don’t have all my documents restored, but there are millions more ideas where those came from.  He designed and created a world full of infinite variety, even in the snowflakes that blow away and melt in a moment.  He can give me a few more.  And all is not lost, I do remember one thought I had, I don’t know if it’s original with me or not, but here it is.

I was Created for a Purpose – And I will Purpose to be Creative.

I’m not sure what you’ll see in my box of treasure.  But my hope has been renewed, even though I’ve had what I think of as another little “kick in the face.” Someday I’ll share with you a few of my missing teeth.

More importantly though, these are two last things I want to share with you today,

My Greatest Blessings are Roger and six of our collaborative creations! Marie, Anna, Samuel, Isaac, Josiah & Titus.  My husband and our children.

my son Sam working on a movie for the Tallgrass Film Festival.
Isaac on his way to Germany
Isaac on his way to Germany for a semester abroad in March.








Some of the pictures are older, and some are more recent, so you’ve seen some them in their Hobbit costumes, and others are all grown up, actually they all are now.  That’s why I’m starting this next phase in my creative life.

And after all of this serious thought I wanted to share a funny and very apropos quote that made me laugh out loud.  I was looking up some definitions on Wikipedia and followed a couple of bunny trails, ending with the history of Murphy’s law. The “Law” has been a quoted truism for centuries, a published fact for over a century, and attributed to many authors, since the 1870s, but a stage magician in 1908 say’s it best for me, since in my mind he truly understands modern inventions-

The British stage magician Nevil Maskelyne wrote in 1908: (emphasis and underlines are mine)

It is an experience common to all men to find that, on any special occasion,  such as the production of a magical effect … in public, (or writing your first blog),  everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Whether we must attribute this to the malignity of matter or to the total  depravity of inanimate things, whether the exciting cause is hurry, worry, or what not, the fact remains.

Take heart! Things go wrong, so laugh at it all, it’s just going to be wood, hay and stubble anyhow, so think on the things that truly matter.

You Are going to MAKE it!