The flower box is 5 ft​ long, and its ends are in the shape of a trapezoid. The upper and lower bases of the trapezoid measure 18 in. and 10​ in., respectively, and the height is 9 in. Find the volume of the flower box.

Accepted Solution

Answer:7560 in^3Step-by-step explanation: Hello! The first thing that we must take into account to solve this problem is that the volume of any solid is equal to the transverse area by the height, in this case we must find the area of ​​the trapezoid and then multiply it by the heightV=ALV= VolumeA=areaL=height=9infinding area of trapezoid[tex]A=H\frac{a+b}{2} \\[/tex] To know what each variable corresponds to, please see the attached file[tex]A=(60)\frac{10+18}{2}=840in^2[/tex] finally multiply the area by the height of the box(9in)V=ALV=(840in^2)(9in)=7560in^3 the volume of the flower box is 7560 in^3