Triangle ABC is similar to triangle XYZ. The length AB is 10. The length BC is 7. Find the length XY if the length YZ is 14

Accepted Solution

Answer:The length of XY = 20Step-by-step explanation:Similar Triangles: Two triangles are said to be similar to one another if the have equal corresponding angles and proportionate sides.Now, here ΔABC ~ ΔXYZHence, by definition, the corresponding sides are proportionate to each other.⇒[tex]\frac{AB}{XY}  = \frac{BC}{YZ}  = \frac{AC}{XZ}[/tex]Here, AB =10,BC = 7, YZ = 14 Let length of XY = K⇒[tex]\frac{10}{K}  = \frac{7}{14}[/tex]or, K = 20So, the length of XY = 20