Is FGH ~ JKL? If so, identify the similarity postulate or theorem that applies. A. Similar – AA B. Similar – SSS C. Cannot be determined D. Similar – SAS

Accepted Solution

Answer: ΔGFH and ΔKJL are similar-AAA is correctStep-by-step explanation:We are given two triangle with two angles and one side given. In ΔGFH and ΔKJL    ∠F = ∠J           (Each 30°)   ∠H = ∠L            (Each 55°)ΔGFH ~ ΔKJL by AA similarity If two angle of any triangles are equal then both triangles are similar to each other. In ΔGFH and ΔKJL two angles are equal.So, ΔGFH and ΔKJL are similar by AA similarity property. Hence, ΔGFH and ΔKJL are similar-AA